How can i receive my CS:GO item?

Go to your profile page and click on "ACCEPT" button for the item you want withdraw to. (Example).

You will receive your items via trade offer, which you can find here:

You just have to accept the trade request from our bot.

Please note:

Make sure that you can trade items with steam users and your steam inventory privacy is set to "Public". You can check it by sending a trade offer to a friend.

Check your Trade Offer URL on Valueskins and on Steam - they should be the same. Whenever you create a new Trade URL, your old one will be useless. Please don't forget to update it on Valueskins when you change it.

I didn't received any trade offers after i pressed on Accept button. What should i do?

There are a few different reasons why we unable to send you a trade offer:

  • You are not able to use Steam Trades (logged in from the new device, recently reset the password or e-mail, changed the Steam Guard security settings, VAC). You can check it by sending a trade offer to a friend.
  • Your Steam Inventory settings (Check) is set to "Hidden". You need switch it to "Public", in order to receive trade offers.
  • Check your trade offer url in the profile and in the Steam settings - they should match.
  • Bot have a connection issues. This happens quite often, the problem is on the side of Steam service. Bot can also be locked, in this case contact Valueskins support and describe the problem in detail, including a link to the Valueskins profile, and a screenshot.
  • Here is the Steam "Trading and Market Restrictions" article about it:
Item withdrawal available after balance refill

You must deposit to your balance at least once to enable withdrawal. Minimum deposit amount is $4.

"Blocked by anti-spam! Try again in few minutes". What is it?
This warning appears when you press the "Accept" button too many times. Please wait for a 3 minutes and try again. Do not click the "Accept" button more than once.
My item is out of stock. What can i do?

It means that we are currently doesn't have that item in stock, due a last Steam restrictions on item trading.

You can do next things:

  • You can exchange your skin to the equal skin that can be instantly available for withdrawal.
  • You can reserve your skin. You will see a timer when on your item trade hold lifts off.
"Bot or steam is down". What is it?

It happens when you click on "Accept" button twice. Do not worry, you will get trade offer in a 15 minutes. If you did not receive a trade offer after that time - please contact support.