In this section you can find DAILY CHALLENGES. which are available only for players with active BATTLE PASS. You can also find here minigames in which you can win your dream skins and other rewards. Try your luck and share your prize to your friends!
Daily challenge
Every day you will get daily challenges. If you fulfill them you will be rewarded with bunch of rewards and experiences with which you advance in your BATTLE PASS. It is important to tell that this section is only available for players with active BATTLE PASS!
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Wheel of Fortune
You surely know wheel of fortune. It is a classic game where you will pay some cash for a chance to win some good skins and rewards by spinning wheel of fortune!
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Battle case
Battle case is a minigame where 2 players compete at opening cases. Every player will open one same case. The one who opens better (more expensive) skin is becoming the winner and he takes both skins. The player who loses gets nothing.
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Random millionare
Try your luck and maybe you are going to win. Ultimate and fast chance for a huge win!
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