About us

We are young and longtime players of Counter Strike. Always loved skins that were made for this game and collected them. We love adrenalin connected with opening the cases and waiting for our dream drop.

After few years we decided to make our own webpage for opening these cases in which we implemented our ideas and knowledges that we saw on other similar websites.

We used all the ideas we had thought off and decided to create the best experience. Our main goal is to offer a place where you can enjoy your time and every drop/prize is just additional fun.

Our site is totally transparent and of absolutely random chances, no manipulation and also huge chances for winnings.

We created our webpage for you and us to have fun together while opening cases and compete in our minigames. We are publicly known, watch our streams and track us on various social media accounts.

Also looking forward for your feedback. We would be grateful to share each and every dream drop!